Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Gotta Love My Job

Have you ever had one of those days where you are running around like a crazy person, working non-stop, but for some strange reason the work just doesn't go away? I swear, I must have paid 400 bills today! That is my job. I pay the bills, so I can come home and pay my own bills. Sadly, I think I have another 400 bills sitting on my desk just waiting for me. The pile never went down all day! People just kept throwing more bills at me!

I tell myself, "I love my job... I love my job... I love my job..." Unfortunately, my little self pep-talk doesn't seem to be working. "Myself" just bursts into hysterical laughter at the sound of my own voice. ...the kind of hysterical laughter that usually includes snorting and watering eyes, and lots of people asking, "Are you okay, honey?"

Someday, I will meet a man who will say, "Baby, why don't you stay home and take care of the family and let ME pay the bills?" I will LOVE that man! That man ROCKS! (And he'll rock even more if he'll cook and give me massages :-)

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