Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A False Sense of Security

I had my week off between classes, so I took a little trip to Tyler to relax at my grandparents' house on the lake, and took today off to decompress and get back into work mode for tomorrow. Having the day off, I thought I'd log into my next class that starts tomorrow and see if the syllabus had been posted.

I now realize that this school lulls you into a false sense of security about the workload in the classes, and have realized that I am going to have ABSOLUTELY NO LIFE for the next two years (four years, really because I want my Masters too).

They "introduce" you to the university with the first course. It's a ridiculously easy class with only a couple of major papers and quick and easy weekly discussion questions... I made a 99.

Class 2 proved to be a bit more challenging in that they added more major projects and got somewhat picky on the length and quality of our discussion questions. That wasn't too bad, as I can pretty well B.S. my way through just about anything, but it was irritating to have more work when I'd gotten used to Class 1. I made an 89 in that one because I didn't end up doing that one paper. I realized it was only worth 10 points, and didn't think it was worth the headache.

Class 3 seems to have DOUBLED the writing and project requirements of Class 2! I've got a major paper and slide presentation due every week, along with two shorter papers and participation requirements to deal with. To make matters worse, there are a couple of the Scary Church Ladies in this class! (Luckily the Leader of the SCLs doesn't seem to be in there, but these other two were nearly as frightening.)

I don't even want to think about how much work my NEXT class is going to have. But I have to admit... This whole five weeks per class and moving on to the next one works out really well for me. I can handle five weeks without getting too bored and wanting to drop out. And I'm taking a week off between classes so I can have a little bit of fun in between. I might take two weeks next time though and take a little beach vacation before hurricane season hits.

Anyway... If you see any more posts about me procrastinating or hear me mentioning that I have a 12-page paper due that I haven't started, feel free to hit me over the head with something hard and tell me to get my little fingers to typing. Remind me that I currently pay bills for a living, and I'd MUCH rather be the BOSS.

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