Saturday, April 30, 2011

Watergun Warriors!!!

I have a park a few blocks from my apartment, and when the weather was nice, we'd pack up our supplies in the stroller, and walk down the street to "the park with the monster's house" as Booger calls it.  This week was getting hot, so I decided that for this park trip, we needed to do something that would keep us cool if we were going to be out there.

Today's great Saturday adventure... 
We tracked down every watergun and spray bottle we could find, filled them all up, and headed down the street to the park.  The kids always have fun with Heaven because she likes to get in there and do exactly what they're doing.  I tend to get my Banana-bonding time in while the rest of the kids are off playing.  :)   Buddy, Ka-Diva, and Booger initially ganged up on Heaven, but Heaven has a way of convincing the twins that they should pick on Booger instead.  ;-) 

Poor kid was drenched!

Buddy getting his watergun on...

The Watergun Warriors
(Even Banana was getting in on the action...)

Ignore the craziness of the camera work... 
It's not easy to film kids running around and dodging water at the same time.  :-)

Banana enjoying watching all of the watergun action.
(Taken before she puked her entire bottle all over her Mommy.
Very glad it wasn't me! :-)

After we ran out of water, and Heaven was covered in baby puke, we decided to head back to the apartment so Heaven and Banana could get cleaned up.  Somehow, the kids managed to convince me to let them stop by the pool to "just test the water" to see if we thought we'd be able to swim anytime soon.  I told the kids, "Sure, you can test the water."

I guess jumping in fully-clothed was their idea of checking it out.  :-)

(A direct result of not being prepared for an inpromptu swimming adventure ;-)

What might have been Banana's REACTION to Booger's "Crack Attack."

And so completes another successful adventure of the "Saturday Crew."

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