Thursday, February 16, 2012

Common Sense

Sometimes, I get the feeling that I am the only person involved in Monkey's case who has any common sense whatsoever when it comes to figuring out a viable childcare solution for him once he goes home to his dad.

Case in point:  The conversation that I had with The Invisible One and Scary CASA Lady on Tuesday...

Me:  So what are dad's plans for childcare during the day while he has to sleep? 
(Dad works nights.)

IO:  Oh, he doesn't sleep much.  He said he'd sleep when Monkey sleeps. 

Me:  Monkey is cutting out his morning nap, and you're lucky if he sleeps an hour and a half in the afternoon.  Dad needs more sleep than that!  So what are his plans?

IO:  Well, he said that his daughters can watch him.

Me:  How old are his daughters?

IO:  One is 17 and one is mid-20s.

Me:  Isn't the 17-year-old in school during the day?  I thought the 20-something works full-time?

CASA chimes in:  Oh, I think dad's plan is for the weekends and summer when the 17-year-old is out of school.  He said when he has to sleep, he'll have his daughters watch him on the weekends.
(He's only going to sleep on the weekends?  Well, that's a comforting thought!)

Me:  Well, isn't that awesome?  What about the other nine months out of the year

They both look at me as if I have sprouted a third eyeball.

Sometimes, there are certain kinds of stupid that just make my eye twitch.


MamaFoster said...

i'm not surprised to hear they don't care too much about that. proves they just want the case closed :/

Mama P said...

Gaaaaah! I agree with Mama F, that they just want the case closed, and I CANNOT stand that mentality!

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