Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Feeling Better

I have to admit, I am feeling much, much better about my decision to not make a decision regarding whether or not to continue watching Monkey at night after he is returned to his father.  Thank you, everyone, for your advice, input, and support!  It definitely helps to know that my initial instincts are the same as everyone else's, and my love for Monkey isn't clouding my judgement when it comes to this situation.

I am going to start transporting Monkey to his weekly visits and just get a better feel for what is actually going on here.  I'm going to tell The Invisible One that she and dad need to move forward as though I am not going to do this (because chances are, I won't).  Right now, I am wearing my "Seriously Questioning Their Motives" face.

I love my little Monkey like crazy.  I'm his Mama.  He's my baby boy...  My little Chunky Monkey...  My Patty Cake...  But I'm not going to allow my love for that baby to be used to wrap up his case with a nice, pretty bow.  Dad needs to prove that he can do this without me.  Because if he can't, then he shouldn't regain custody (not that my opinion matters one bit).


Small Town Joy: said...

I completely agree. And you are wise to make this decision. A fellow friend and foster parent of mine did agree to something similiar and it has been a crutch to the parents who feel free to abuse her kindness.

Kylee said...

Good for you for thinking through this logically and making the best decision for you and your Monkey man! i hope that it all becomes clear as you spend more time around the bios. Thank you for loving him!!

Diane said...

One day/week at a time. Please check your email and call me sometime.

Foster Mamalion said...

Boy, your last line is so true. As foster parents our opinion really doesn't count. It should, but I have accepted this fact and continue to love my precious ones all the same. Praying for you and the situation! I can tell just by reading your blog that you'll make the right decision based on your observations. You are the one who truly knows!

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