Friday, April 6, 2012

"Foster Friday" - Understanding the Love

I thought I would share this post that my mom wrote last week as this week's "Foster Friday."  Foster care affects so many people...  I am so blessed to have parents who make no distinction between biological and foster.  The children in our lives are simply their "grandchildren," and the pain of the losses are just as difficult for them as grandparents as they are for me as a mother.

I have been blessed with an amazing group of close family and friends who love my children.  These people have been pulled into the world of foster care, not on their own accord, but indirectly through me...  They suffer the loss of these children as much as I do, but they open their hearts over and over again because they love and care about me.

I think my mom explains the love that is involved with being a foster parent/foster family perfectly, and I hope that it helps put things into perspective for those people who might not fully understand.  In my mom's words, "...when a person becomes a foster parent they know that their lifetime with their child probably won't be 'forever.'  Yes they signed up for that.  It still doesn't make the pain of losing your child any less."

Thank you, Mom, for loving me and my kiddos so much.  And thank you for putting into words what I want to say (but in a nice way ;-).

"A Wish for Understanding and Compassion"

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Kylee said...

Hope all is well and that you're just busy enjoying time with your kids and nieces and nephews and everyone else who loves you dearly! Just stopping by to let you know I'm thinking of you!

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