Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 4th, Booger Bear!!!

My Booger Bear
I can't believe my Booger Bear is 4 years old today!!!

1st Birthday

3rd Birthday
Who would have thought that the smiling little 7-month-old who crossed my threshold in May of 2009 would still be my special little guy today even after he was able to go home?

2 Years Old

4th Birthday
I've been so incredibly blessed to able to watch him grow up, and I can't wait to celebrate many, many more birthdays with "Mimi's Special Boy." 


Laura said...

That is so special! I am hoping we will be able to keep in contact with the two we just had go home like you have been able to with many of yours! Thanks for being a great example to us "noobie" foster parents :)

FootPrints said...

he is so handsome!! what a special relationship your two have!!

Penelope W said...

Happy birthday!!! A little late..

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