Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Foster Favorites" Giveaway!!!


As promised in yesterday's "Foster Friday" panel post, it's time for a Giveaway!!!
Who doesn't like free stuff, right?!?
This giveaway is inspired entirely by our "Foster Friday" panel members' personal "Foster Favorites, and will have at least three winners (possibly more!).
To Enter:
1.  Read yesterday's "Foster Friday" Panel Post entitled "Foster Favorites" to see what fostering items, supplies, books, blogs, videos, moments, services, etc. that our panel members absolutely love.
2.  Leave a comment on that post, this giveaway announcement, or on Trippin's FB page sharing what foster care favorites you personally have.  Not a foster parent?  No worries!  Just leave a comment about something that struck you as interesting or unexpected about any of our panel members' "favorites" to enter!
3.  All comments must be received by 12:00am CST on Thursday, October 25th, 2012.
4. Initial 3 winners will be announced on Friday, October 26th!
Simple as that!
Prizes to Choose From:
1)  Based on one of Heather's picks, an Expandable Pocket File Folder with elastic tie similar to this one.  Choose this prize, and I will send you a list of style and color options.
2)  Also Based on one of Heather's picks, a large 22" x 17" Monthly Desk Calendar.  Choose this prize, and I will send you several styles to choose from.
3)  Choose one of the following books based off of Debbie's favorite foster/adopt children's books:
4)  Based off of MamaP's reading list...  "Kids Need to Be Safe: A Book for Children in Foster Care (Kids Are Important) by Julie Nelson
5)  Inspired by Andrea's self-professed status as an "office supply junkie" and Cherub Mamma's awesome binder organization system, you may choose a $15 gift card to the office supply store of your choice!

6)  Also inspired by one of Andrea's "favorites," a $15 gift card to Walmart, Target, or any store that sells cleaning, food, or bathing supplies.  ;-)  Her comment about her "favorite" things to do after receiving "the call" cracked me up because I do the same thing!  Clean, shower, and cook!
7)  Inspired by Mie's "goodbye family portraits" and a recent scrapbook made for her son's school project, choose a $15 Electronic Gift Certificate to or the craft supply vendor of your choice.

8)  Based of my personal love of photographs, photo books, and photo gifts, you may select a $15 gift certificate to or to any other online photo store of your choice.

9)  Choose to receive my personal choice of daily planner, the 2013 Mom's Weekly Planner (18 Month Calendar).  (Several designs to choose from)

10)  And because all of our favorite moments involve spending quality time with our families, choose a $15 gift card to the family-friendly restaurant, movie theater, amusement park, etc. of your choice (provided they offer gift certificates and I can easily purchase it! :-).

Lots of great prizes to choose from!

At least three winners...  Probably more!

Can't wait to read your comments and see what you choose as your personal "foster favorites!" 


Heaven Ann said...

where do you get the moms weekly planner you and i both know i need one;P

aka. Mimi said...

Oh, Hev... You're so funny! *I* get my planner at, but you know that if YOU really want it, you'll most like it get it from your Mama #2. ;-) Love you! :-)

Heaven Ann said...

yeah i know but Im not gonna go up and be like "hey uh you wanna get me one of those planners cause extremely unorganized" ;P

Andrea said...

I forgot my wall calendar, the desk calendar and the mini purse calendar, I love those things!!!!

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