Thursday, October 11, 2012

Kid Quotes: Part Two

"Kid Quotes" from my favorite kiddos...  I've got so many funny kiddos in my life that I just have to share their silly stories.  I'm going to try to do these fairly regularly.  We'll see how that goes. ;-)

Colton (Katie's 4-Year-Old)

Colton started PreK at a great (but pricey) private school this year.  One day after school, Katie and her husband were questioning him about his day.

Brian - "So what did you learn at school today?"
Colton - "Nothin'" (apparently that response begins early)
Katie - "Um, yeah...  I don't pay a fortune in tuition for you to learn 'nothing.' So what did you learn today?"
Colton - "I learned about Adam and Eve."
Katie - "Really?  That's great!  What did you learn about them?"
Katie - "His rib, but close enough."
Colton - "And did you know she got them both in trouble for eating fruit?!?"

Poor kid now thinks that Eve was a thief and a troublemaker!  :-)

My sister and brother-in-law have been dieting and exercising over the past couple of months.  Christy has been cooking at home with very little (if any) eating out for their family.  Recently, my sister posted a rather livid FB status stating that she was certain that McDonald's had hacked her account and kept saying that she "Liked" their page.

Having just had a conversation with Buddy and Ka-Diva about their change in eating plans where they proceeded to tell me that their mom was forcing them to eat "healthy diet food," I asked, "Are you sure this wasn't Buddy's creative way of telling you that he misses McDonald's?"  (He tends to play on his mom's phone a lot.)

My mom chimed in with "It was Ka-Diva.  Didn't she tell you yesterday that you were torturing her because she hasn't had french fries in days?!?"  (Ka-Diva is a bit dramatic, and often tells people her mother is torturing her.  It's a good thing they know an awesome foster mom! ;-)  But I have to admit, lack of french fries does seem like cruel and unusual punishment to me! :-)

Booger Bear - Booger and Banana recently spent the night with me.  After a little meltdown because he was worried that his Mommy and Daddy weren't going to come back for them, I diverted his attention by blowing up a big air mattress and we had a "camp out" in the living room. 
Booger decided, "I think Banana and me should live here at your house!"
Me - "You think so?!?  I would love that!  That might be fun!"
(Booger's eyes got huge as he quickly realized what that would mean...)
Booger - "And MommyMommy, and me, and Banana.  Yeah!  That would be fun!"
Me - "I would love that!  But what about Daddy?"
(Booger contemplated that... and added as an afterthought)
"Eh...  Yeah...  Daddy can come too."

Poor Daddy...  No respect!  ;-)

Buddy (Just this morning on my sister's FB...)
"Today was 'Wear Your Hat Day' at school.  Buddy wanted to wear a hat with lights on it that we have so he could 'impress all the girls and make them giggle!'  Wow.  I have my hands full with that one!  Lol"

During a recent conversation in their car...

Buddy:  "Jaiden's dad is SO funny.  He is one of the funniest guys on Earth, I think!"
Chris:  "What about me?!?"
Buddy:  "Dad, you are the SECOND funniest."
Chris:  "Wow.  Thanks Buddy..."
Buddy:  "You're welcome."  (Not sure Buddy quite has a grasp on picking up on sarcasm just yet. :-)

Ka-Diva (from my sister's recent FB status)

"Kids can really put things into perspective for you.  I told Buddy and Ka-Diva that we had to hurry and get home after school today because Pooper has his first therapy appointment (due to our concerns about his delays).  Ka-Diva asked why he had to do it, and I said, "Well, because he isn't doing a lot of the things that he should be for his age like Butterfly is."  She said, "He can run, he can smile, he can laugh, and he loves us.  He is just fine!  And besides, Butterfly doesn't listen when you tell her no, so he doesn't need to copy her!"  Good point kid.  He can run, he can smile, he can laugh, and he loves us.  He is perfect!  :-)"


Laura said...

That last one by Ka-Diva is perfect... such an awwwww moment!

Anonymous said...

Haha, I love the things kids say :)

Getting my very first placement today, two little boys...

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