Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Guilty Pleasure

I have a confession to make.

I love having 2-and-unders every year for Halloween!

I love being able to dress them in cute, yet embarrassing costumes.

I love that there is absolutely nothing they can do about it.  :-)

The first year that I got to play "dress up" was with Booger Bear.

Booger Bear was, well...  A Bear! 
(Original, I know...  ;-)

We went trick or treating with Ka-diva and Buddy.

Ka-diva insisted that she was obviously a "Good" Witch
because only "Good" Witches wear purple.

Buddy was a police officer.  He marched up to each house
with an air of authority that was rather intimidating for a 4-year-old.
When one woman commented that she was afraid he was
coming to arrest her, he replied,
"Don't worry, ma'am.  I'm not a real police officer."

The next year, I was thrilled silly when Little Miss' daddy sent
a costume home for her after a visit.

A COW!!!
If I had thought about it, I totally would have
made an "Eat Mor Chikin" sign.
I might have to revisit this particular costume in the future.

No 3-year-old would let me get away with putting them in a cow suit.
As it was, Little Miss was less than thrilled.

Buddy continued with the hero theme, and went as a
member of the SWAT team.

Ka-diva was a cat girl.

This year, my little Chunky Monkey went as...

Our group increased this year with the addition of
the Mini Munchkins.
Pooper and Butterfly carried on the theme of Christy's
baby shower, and went as Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Buddy opted to be a villain this year, rather than a hero.
And surprisingly, Ka-diva went for a scarier look as well.
Ka-diva has always flat-out refused to step foot in the party stores
around Halloween because she hates the scary things.
In fact, just last month, she told the McD's drive thru worker
that her Mommy has just tortured her.
Christy had to explain that no, she didn't really torture
her child.  They had simply just gone through the Halloween
costume aisle at the party store.
So there you have it.

My secret confession...

My guilty pleasure...

I love having 2-and-unders for Halloween!!!


Mama P said...

SOOOOO CUTE! I completely agree with you. I was able to actually hand-make Snugglebuggle's costumes until he was old enough to know what was going on...and now Im sad because he insists on characters. Ugh.

Penelope said...

I love Halloween too! We are doing family group themes for costumes until the kids old enough to not want to. Too bad I missed posting it. I've already set that post for 2012.

Those baby costumes are the best!

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