Thursday, November 17, 2011

Here Comes the Bride!

Ka-Diva has been absolutely obsessed with weddings lately.  She watches all of the wedding shows on TV.  She has imaginary weddings where she makes poor Buddy stand in and play different parts.  She has big wedding plans.  What 6-year-old girl doesn't?

She had been hounding Christy to let her try on her wedding dress for quite a while, and last month, Christy decided to humor her and let her try it on.

She looked in the mirror wide-eyed and exclaimed, "I look beautiful! I am saying YES to the dress!!!".  :-)

My mom recently took Ka-Diva to her very first wedding.  She planned out her wardrobe and accessories for weeks leading up to the big event.  After a full morning of "beautification," complete with matching nail polish, curled hair, and a tiara fit for a princess, Ka-Diva declared herself fit for the wedding.  In fact, she declared herself possibly too ready...

"I'm nervous he is going to think I am the bride and ask me to marry him since I look so beautiful!!"

Mom said that Ka-Diva looked at the bride as though she were a celebrity princess, and that the bride made Ka-Diva's night very special by being unbelievably sweet to her.  She stopped to pose for photographs with her...  She invited her into the bridal room while she and her bridesmaids were getting ready... 

Ka-Diva has since been telling people that she and the bride are FRIENDS now!  ...and she has the photo to prove it.  :-)
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