Saturday, February 15, 2014

Sad Goodbye...

Kitty Cat Tommie

We had to say goodbye to my first baby today.  :'(  Kitty Cat Tommie lived a great, long life and was very very loved by a lot of people, but most of all by me. He was "guard kitty" to my babies (especially Monkey and Bug) and was SOOO patient with enthusiastic toddlers, even when all they wanted to do was tackle him to the ground in a big bear hug or use his tail as a chew or pull toy. Tommie has been with me my entire adult life, so it's already a foreign feeling not having him here. I certainly won't miss that CATBOX! But I'm sure going to miss my spoiled rotten, bed-hogging, toe-licking, woke me up at 6:00am by chewing my hair, followed me into the bathroom even when I managed to beat the kids in there, crawled over my shoulder to get to my taco WHILE I WAS STILL EATING IT, always under my feet, INSANELY loudly purring, super soft, curled up on my lap every night after the kids went to bed, Tommie Cat. We had a great almost 17 years!  <3


G said...

So sorry to hear this....Hugs.

Last Mom said...

So sorry for you and the boys. I know he was a loved kitty.

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