Wednesday, December 15, 2010

You Know You're a Foster Parent When... Part Two

After writing the first "You Know You're a Foster Parent When" post, I came across some more that I thought were funny and soooo true!  Here are a few more for a little foster parent comic relief...

You know you're a foster parent when...
  1. You find yourself buying new stockings every Christmas.
  2. You've had family portraits taken every year for the past five years, and no two of them have the same people.
  3. Your church pew resembles United Nations.
  4. You consider a "prime" parking spot the one that is closest to the cart return, rather than the one closest to the door.
  5. You have three children named, Crystal, Chrystal, and Krystal.
  6. You carry an extra carseat in the trunk "just in case."
  7. You say things like, "I'm taking Little Timmy to jail so he can visit his dad" and "Baby and I are going to rehab today" and don't give a thought about the looks of abject horror on the faces of the people overhearing your conversation.
  8. Your 4-year-old asks, "Can we call the caseworker and ask her to bring us a new brother?"
  9. You open your garage door and passing cars stop, thinking that all of the toys, bikes, and baby furniture mean "Garage Sale!"
  10. Your local grocer tells you that if you ever decide to move, he would like advanced notice because he will have to lay off three employees.
  11. You consider going to the bathroom a "vacation" if no one knocks on the door.
  12. "Special" time alone with your husband is a full night's sleep in your favorite baggy jammies.
  13. You understand "teen speak," and find yourself using it in your everyday conversation.
  14. You have to carry a list of your children's names and birthdates.
  15. You find a urine stain on the carpet, and DON'T suspect the dog.
  16. You have to stop and really think when someone asks you, "How many children do you have?"
But still, my personal favorite is...

You know you're a foster parent when...

"Your heart is bigger than your brain."  :-)


Lori Charlton said...

AWESOME! Big love to you, Girl!

drivesideways said...

That is hilariously true!

Teresa said...

LOL! I love #4! I've driven around the parking lot several times looking for a cart corral with a spot next to it. And I always have an extra car seat just in case.

Breaking Hearts Building Families said...

Haha! I have 2 Colins! One is spelled Collynn. I also love the one about people squirming over the (Are they yours". I had a checker ask if my husband was black, in reference to my bi-racial 1 month old. I told her no, then paused and told her quietly that my husband wasn't the father of this baby. I don't know what possessed me to do that! It was funny to see her turn red!

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