Monday, December 27, 2010

That is SO WRONG! (Or Maybe Not... They Might Be Onto Something...)

Ever since I started blogging, I've had people come up to me with topics or their own ideas about what I should write about.  I'll get random emails from people with photos attached saying something along the lines of "What do you think of this?!?"  That's actually how my first "That is SO WRONG!" post came into being.  A co-worker sent me a photo of high-heeled swimming flippers, and I felt the need to share.  I'll be talking to my BFFs about something and they will say, "You need blog about that!"  Or, like this evening, I will receive a random text from someone giving me my next blog post assignment.

From my BFF - "Blog idea...  PajamaJeans.  Saw them on TV.  I won't lie...  I would like a pair!  :-)  lol, seriously!  Check it out!  :-)"

So, of course, I did.

I have to say, what I thought was going to be another "That is SO WRONG!" post is kind of turning into a "They Might Be Onto Something Here" post.  I mean, seriously!  Who doesn't want a pair of pants that have "the styling of your favorite jeans together with the comfort of pajamas?!?"

"PajamaJeans are so comfortable, you'll want to sleep in them!"  (I freaking love to sleep!  And there's nothing more irritating than coming home from a long day of running errands in real jeans, only to have to change into pajama bottoms before taking a nap.  By all means, save me those thirty seconds!!!)

"Just because you're busy, doesn't mean you can't look sharp."  (So true!  I can ROCK those PajamaJeans!  Just you wait and see!)

"The secret is in the DormiSoft fabric."  (Seriously, people!  It's cotton and spandex!!!  Does it get any better than that?!?)

"High contrast top stitching.  Back pocket design details.  Even brass rivets, so they look like they were made by some European designer!"  (I have to admit, this statement worries me a bit.  They "look like" they were made by "some European designer."  I think I'd feel a little more comfortable if the actual designer stepped forward to claim their work, but then again, I don't know...  They do have brass rivets, people!  Them's "fancy" jeans!)

"Available in 8 sizes including extra small and plus sizes!"  (Awesomeness!  Because definitely, if it can fit an extra small super model chick it is totally going to fit me too!  They are made out of DormiSoft fabric, remember?)

"Run a few errands in sweats, and they start to wrinkle and sag."  (This, I would not know.  I am a firm believer that sweat pants were not made for short, chunky chicks.  I actually don't believe that sweat pants were made for anyone for that matter.  But I'm sure if I were a skinny girl, and I actually owned a pair of sweat pants, I'd probably hate it when they wrinkled and sagged.  Then again, if I were a skinny girl, I would totally dress like a high-priced call girl and wouldn't have a need for PajamaJeans at all!)

"For the first time, you can get PajamaJeans with DormiSoft for just $39.95!"  (Wait a minute!  You expect me to pay $40 for a pair of pajama bottoms?!?  Albeit, pajama bottoms that "look like" they were made by some European designer...  They are still pajama bottoms.)

"If you order now, you get this 100% brushed cotton t-shirt absolutely free!"  (Oh, well...  I suppose if I'm getting a free t-shirt...  I love me some free stuff!  And you know this little t-shirt is gonna look great on my chunky bod!)

So...  I haven't yet made the final decision on whether or not to take the PajamaJeans plunge, but if you see me "looking put together all day long" in some soft-looking jeans with high contrast top stitching and rivets, and rubbing my legs like the girl in the commercial, you'll know I caved (but I think I'll let Katie buy them first.  :-)

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tiffany gideon said...

Ha to tell the truth I've never read yoohr blogs before but this is funny !:) and just a fyi....they sell pajamajeans at walmart for cheaper.....the same brand and everything !:)

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