Friday, June 4, 2010

My Niece is in WUUUUB...

My little niece...  I just love that girl like crazy!  :-)

I've pretty much known that I'd never be able to get pregnant, but I had always wondered what my biological child might be like.  Then my sister had K, and I didn't have to wonder anymore.  That little girl is my "Mini Me" in every possible way!  Her personality is so much so, that Christy often looks at me disapprovingly and says, "Thanks a lot, Aunt Tammy."  I LOVE IT!!!  :-)

K is 5 years old, going on 35.  She has what I refer to as her "Ka-diva moments," when she gives you a look that makes you feel like she is the grown-up and you are the child.  Her twin brother, my poor nephew, seems resigned to the fact that K is always going to boss him around.  C has a "go-with-the-flow" kind of personality, so for the most part, he just humors her. 

My niece has an "all or nothing" personality.  When she gets set on something, it becomes almost an obsession.  For the first few months of the year, it was "big cats."  Lions, tigers, leopards, etc.  Everything was about "big cats."  She told Christy that she wanted to redecorate her room.  She collected anything she could find that was "big cat" print.  She hung pictures.  She watched "big cat" nature shows.  "Big cats" were her life. 


Yes, K's most recent obsession is the one and only...  "King of Pop."  Apparently, my sister was listening to her playlist, and a Michael Jackson song came on.  For the most part, they only listen to "cowboy music," so when a different kind of song came on, K was curious.  "Who sings this, Mom?"  Christy told her, and then went online to show her some videos because K loves dancing, and regardless of how creepy and weird the man was, you have to admit...  The guy could dance!  And so, K's obsession with Michael Jackson began...

Over the past three weeks, she has spent countless hours on the internet watching videos.  She has learned the dances.  She insists on wearing sparkly clothes ("because Michael Jackson wears sparkly clothes").  The "big cat" pictures are quickly being replaced by photos of "The King of Pop."  And most recently, my mom ordered her a Michael Jackson t-shirt.  And I'm not entirely certain it's ever been washed.  :-)

Last weekend, the twins came over for some "Fun Aunt Tammy" time at the pool, and K was proudly wearing her new t-shirt.  I told her what a cool shirt it was, and her brother (obviously sick to death of hearing about Michael Jackson) rolled his eyes and groaned, "K is in looooove with Michael Jackson.  She dreams about Michael Jackson every night!"  K blushed, shook her head, and exclaimed "I just can't help myself!  I'm gonna marry him."

I told Christy about the conversation and asked if K knew that her newest love was no longer with us.  She said that did, and that she told Christy a few days before that she has a solution.  Apparently, the conversation went something like:

K - "Mom...  I'm gonna marry Michael Jackson when I grow up."

Christy - "Well, honey...  You remember that Michael Jackson isn't alive anymore, right?"

K - "Yeah, I remember.  But I have a plan."

Christy - "Really?"

K - "Yes.  When I grow up, I'm going to take a spaceship up to Heaven, and ask God to make Michael Jackson all better and send him back down to earth so I can marry him and be Mrs. Michael Jackson."

Christy - "Oh, wow!  That's a pretty good idea.  But I'm not really sure if He can do that."

K then went all "Ka-diva" on her mother and exclaimed with a look that you give someone when you know you are so much smarter than they are, "Um...  Yes He can...  He can do whatever He wants.  He's GOD!!!"  (*** rolling eyes and shaking head ***  Like, DUH, Mom!)

That's my girl!  You can't argue with that one.  :-)

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