Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wrath of Mimi

I checked in with my new foster/adopt agency this morning and found out that my old agency is taking their sweet time in sending over my paperwork.  I'm not surprised.  They were never in a big hurry to do much of anything (other than to boss me around, irritate me, and make my life pretty much all around miserable).  I guess they're succeeding in that if that was their goal. 

I really thought they would be more than happy to get rid of me!  Goodness knows, they didn't care for me much after I started getting an opinion and actually expressing it when it came to my kids and the things they were telling me to do.  ("No. I will not leave work early to go home and get a single sheet of paper that you should have requested a week ago when you originally found out that you needed it and drive it to your office!  We get home at 6:00.  You can drive your booty over here when it's convenient for me and get it yourself!"  "No. I will not sign something that requires me to be in a minimum of two different places at one time.  You people have lost your freaking minds, and until you locate them, you need to back the heck off!"  etc. etc.)  I honestly thought that they'd receive my transfer request, do a Happy Dance, and courier my file over within an hour with a big "Thank You" note to the new agency attached.

I am going to play nice and give them until this weekend to send the requested documents.  I have orientation and training all weekend at the new agency, and I want to get my homestudy done next week.  If they would just send my paperwork and old homestudy, it would cut weeks off of my wait time before I can start accepting placements.  I really don't want to have to make a personal appearance at the old place, but you'd better believe that I will if I have to!!!  The Wrath of Mimi shall be smite upon them should they not provide the requested documentation by the end of this week.

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