Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Albino No More!!!

Had a fun day today!!!  BFF Katie and I took the day off work and brought the twins and her little boy to the waterpark.  I am no longer Tamu, The Great Albino Whale!!!  After five hours outside, I have been upgraded to Tamatoo, The Great Water Tomato!

When I told my sister that I wanted to bring the kids to the waterpark when she and my brother-in-law were out of town this week, she replied with, "Oh!  They'd love that!  Thank you!"  Then the "Mommy List" quickly followed.  "Make sure they drink lots of water so they stay hydrated.  It's hot out there.  And be sure to apply and reapply sunblock throughout the day.  On second thought...  Have them wear a t-shirt!  And make sure they wear their lifejackets." etc. etc. etc.  ;-) 

I followed Christy's orders to the "T..."  So much so, that Katie called me "the mom who sucks all of the fun out of things."  But I feared my sister's wrath if those kids got heat stroke or a horrible sunburn!  We took breaks every 45 minutes to drink water, reapply sunblock, eat a fairly nutritious snack (grapes...  because they have water in them!), and get out of the sun for a few minutes.  Unfortunately for me, I was concentrating so much on keeping the children out of harm's way, that I completely neglected my pasty white self, resulting in a lovely, rather lobster-like shade of red.

We had a blast though, so I think the waves of heat radiating off of my body and the pain that I am certain is to come will be well worth it.  The kids loved the wave pool and the lazy river, and Katie's little boy thought that Buddy was really cool.  Buddy has a way with little kids, and they all love him to pieces.  The twins even went on a couple of the "big kid" slides by themselves!  There was one that was about 2-3 stories up, and I really didn't think they'd go on it alone, but they did!  They made me go first so I could wait at the bottom for them, and they did a really good job listening to the lifeguard who told them when it was okay for them to go.  They're already planning next summer's trip to the even bigger nearby waterpark!  :-)


Christy Stines said...

Looks like they had a blast. I got to hear all about it on the phone. Conner said he got to play in the wavepool with "no seaweed!"

Leah W said...

you are a great aunt!

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