Friday, August 27, 2010

The Beatings Have Been Cancelled

I heard from my new agency yesterday, and my old agency finally sent all of the requested documents.  Apparently, my threat to go up there in person paid off!  Mm-hmm, that's right!!!  I knew they wouldn't want to mess with me!!!  :-)

Everything is looking great at the new place so far.  They have all of my paperwork, inspections, training hours, test results, doctor's notes, copies of every document I have ever been given, etc.  I think I might have scanned and emailed some junk mail just to be on the safe side!  I have a two-day orientation/agency training this weekend, and then I should be ready for the new agency's homestudy.  The house is pretty much ready.  I just need them to come out.  Fortunately, they have a copy of my homestudy from the old agency, so it won't take long at all for me to be open and ready to go.

So...  All is looking well in Foster/Adopt Land, and the previously scheduled beatings at my old agency have been cancelled...  for now...  With any luck, I will never have to deal with those people again!  :-)  I'm so excited to see how things turn out with this new agency, and I am thrilled silly to be "foster pregnant" again!  I have a feeling this is going to be a really big year!  :-)

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