Sunday, October 3, 2010

Deathtraps of the Rich and Famous

While I'm waiting for my next foster baby, I've been shopping around for more nursery decor ideas.  I plan on doing this for a while, so I don't want to get bored with the decor.  I also have a tendency to associate certain things with specific children, so I'd like to have several options on-hand for new placements. 

I have one set of neutral bedding and decor that I bought forever ago when I saw it.  I fell completely in love with it and thought that it was a perfect fit for me.  My nickname is "Pooh Bear," so I knew that I wanted to do Classic Pooh.  The only problem with that is that I'm not a fan of pastels, and most of the Classic Pooh stuff is just that.  Pastel.  So when I found this beige, sage, and cranberry set with Winnie the Pooh sort of embedded in the beige portion of the bumper (which you totally can't see in this picture, but I don't have another one), I was sold!  Everything else in the room is from the Classic Pooh Collection that Target had...  Rug, wall hangings, all of the plush stuffed characters, mobile, etc (Again, none of which you can see in the picture...  You can see how prepared I was for this post, huh?).  Love it, love it, love it!  And it would work for a boy or a girl.  But right now, I still think of it as the Booger Bear's, so I don't think I could use it right away for another baby.  Silly, I know...  But I'll use it again after a couple more kiddos come my way, I'm sure...

Right before the Booger went to live with his daddy, he hand-picked the bedding and decor that I have set up now.  He was very insistent that he thought it should be "colors."  So we ended up with a colorful Stars & Stripes theme.  I have a twin bed set up in the nursery as well as the crib, and the comforter for the bed is vertical stripes of all of the colors in the crib bedding.  The Booger never got a chance to use the new stuff, so it's anxiously awaiting it's first occupant.  :-)  I would use this for a boy or a girl, but it still seems a little more "boy"-ish to me. 

I really want to get one more set of something specifically girly, but like I said before...  I am not a fan of pastels, and all of that pink, frilly, lacy "girl" stuff kind of makes me want to throw up a little.  So I set out on an internet quest to find the perfect "girl" room that wouldn't make me want to hurl.  :-)  I somehow stumbled across photos of celebrity nurseries, and quickly realized that those people live in their own little universe where good taste, common sense, and practical issues like, ummm, I don't know...  safety seem nonexistent.

This first nursery I stumbled upon was for Tori Spelling's baby girl.  I know I said I was looking for something specifically "girly," but this is just not right!  Every single item in the nursery is a different shade of pink...  Carnation pink, hot pink, Pepto pink, dusty rose...  You name the shade of pink, and it has been thrown up upon every item in this room.  Walls, ceiling, carpet, crib, draperies, lamp, chair, changing table...  Every item, that is, except for the shiny chadelier.  A chandelier!  In a baby's room!  Because that's just what every newborn needs, right?  And what happened to babies needing the visual stimulation of contrasting colors?  This poor child's not going to know what to do with other colors when she ventures out into the "real" world!

Upon regaining my composure after viewing that particular monstrocity, I found this...  Christina Aguilera's idea of a fun-loving, safe room for her baby boy.  In her defense, there are a couple of things in this room that were sorely lacking in the previous nursery.  Multiple colors, for one...  and a couple of stuffed animals.  Unfortunately, there is also the distinct presence of what I will now refer to as "a sleeping death trap," more commonly known as "the baby's crib."  Oh yeah!  Let's hang floor to ceiling fabric all around the  crib with two tall pointy posts that would be perfect for catching said fabric and strangling the baby.  And, I don't know if anyone else has noticed it, but there is also this insanely large and frightening sculpture of what appears to be a seriously grumpy "Man in the Moon" dominating a rather large percentage of the room.  That poor baby's gonna be scared to death (if the crib doesn't get him first)!

Just when I thought I had seen it all, I came across J-Lo's version of a child-friendly haven for her newborn boy/girl twins.  Maybe I just have foster care on the brain, but when I look at this room, all I see are SIDS, strangulation, or electrocution just waiting to happen.  If this room had to pass a CPS licensing inspection, it would fail miserably!  I don't care how much money you spent on it.  Three inch thick crib bumpers, big flowing canopies draped around the crib, pillows and stuffed animals all in the beds, table lamps everywhere...  And, of course...  A crystal chandelier that puts the Spelling chandelier to shame.  I just pray that some of this is purely for the magazine photo shoot and NOT actually in use for the newborns. 

Call me boring, but the baby girl bedding that I found was a little more practical, and a lot less froo-froo-ey...  Two shades of plum, turquoise, lime green, and white...  NO PINK!  I won't be painting the walls lavendar though...  And I'll probably try to pull out more of the turquoise and green with the artwork and accessories in the room.

...And, of course...  I must get a fancy chandelier.


FootPrints said...

ha ha ha you had me cracking up when you said *but when I look at this room, all I see are SIDS, strangulation* i was thinking are those cribs legal? ha ha i LOVE the set you chose, so not fru fruie

Tammy said...

You know you're a foster parent when... ;-) I feel another blog post coming on... :-)

Casey Everly said...

Hi, I love your blog. I've been reading and got lost for 20minutes. I'm also a single foster mom and have started my blog two weeks ago. I've been scouring the internet for ACTIVE blogs that have fun, interesting and relative posts. It's weird how so many pop up that are totally dead. I like your super positive attitude and that you really seem genuinly happy. Yours is the first blog I've subscribed to. If your interested, you can take a look at mine. If not, that's ok to, but I'd love feedback. I do have some questions for you regarding your fostering techniques. Email if you can.

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