Monday, January 16, 2012

I Feel Good!

I might not be able to carry a tune in a bucket, but Monkey happens to think that I have a beautiful singing voice.  I open my mouth to sing his favorite songs, and he clearly thinks that a chorus of little birdies is flowing from my lips as he smiles from ear to ear.

Now that I think about it, I'm not sure his grin is necessarily a good thing.  He might be thinking something along the lines of, "Oh, this poor, clueless woman...  This is so pitiful, I just have to laugh it off!"  You know, kind of how there are some puppies and babies who are so ugly that you can't help but say they're cute?  I'm going to choose to believe that Monkey hears golden harps and angels singing rather than a croaking frog when I sing to him though. :-)

We are a fairly musical family regardless of our singing abilities.  Our babies are thoroughly entertained by our renditions of many a song.  Recently, Monkey (and I) had become bored with our usual "Little White Duck," and he thought I was just a crazy fool when I tried my hand at "Rockin' Robin," so I went to Christy's house to see what she used to entertain Pooper and Butterfly.  She and Ka-Diva gave a lively performance of James Brown's "I Feel Good," and the Mini Munchkins were clearly entertained so I knew I had to try it out on Monkey that evening.

I performed my heart out.  I danced what has since become a choreographed routine.

And I created a James Brown fanatic.

Monkey was clapping and cracking up, and I swear he made me sing that song at least ten times in a row that first night.

In the week since I first introduced Mr. Brown's lively little tune, I have caught Monkey "singing" it himself as he looks my way to get me to perform it again.  "Da-da-da-da (SQUEAL!!!)" ***shake head, shake head***  (The head-shaking is his favorite part of the choreography. ;-)  I am fairly certain I have sung that song about 25,000 times in the past six days. 

Thanks for the idea, Aunt Christy!  I now hear James Brown in my sleep.  Mostly coming from the baby monitor as Monkey sings, "Da-da-da-da (SQUEAL!!!)"  ;-)

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