Saturday, February 2, 2013

Six Months

I have six months.  Six months to find a CPS-approved babysitter for Bug so my sister, my mother, and I can have a mother/daughter bonding outing reminiscent of my teen years.  My mom and my sister make up the majority of my "approved sitter" pool, and I am always hesitant to leave my kiddos with anyone they don't know well, so that makes it a little difficult. 

This particular outing though, might just rival that of the one that we had during the time Monkey was officially my foster child.  When I was desperately wondering if going to see "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" was an acceptable excuse for respite...


I suppose this is where I publicly admit that we may or may not have just spent a small fortune on NKOTB, Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees tickets.  And I suppose as long as I'm confessing, I might as well own up to the fact that I'm kind of "giddy like a schoolgirl" excited about it!

I admitted once before that I was a boy band junkie, so the fact that I am considering pulling out the art supplies and making posters and fan t-shirts for the concert should come as no surprise.  Christy was a "loud and proud" NKOTB fanatic back in the day.  I think she still has a trunkful of posters, pins, clothing, bedsheets, etc. that she can pull out for the big day! 

Tickets went on sale today, and Christy snatched them up for us.  Then I sat back and giggled as I watched my FB newsfeed blow up with status after status announcing ticket purchases by all of our 30-something friends.  This is going to be one interesting concert...  :-)  A bunch of grown women acting like teenagers...  It's gonna be great!!!


Andrea said...

I have a Jordan Knight shirt and a fanny pack in a trunk. I sold all my stuff after I "grew out of it" insanely jealous...More of 98 degrees than NKOTB, but wow what a show!

Laura said...

I wonder if becoming a CASA worker would make me eligible to be a respite babysitter....? If it does, I will be by then...And I am LMAO at y'all "grown women acting like teenagers" ;)

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