Monday, November 11, 2013

The Race is On

It's been two months since Bug was legally free for adoption, and not a darn thing has happened since!  I think I would have a lot more patience had they not dangled a National Adoption Day adoption in front of my face, but ever since the day that I turned the calendar to November and saw "Adoption Day" marked in red knowing that it's NOT going to happen that day, I've been a thorn in the backside of all of my caseworkers, supervisors, directors, etc.  Today, I decided to take matters into my own hands and create a "contest" of sorts between the different agencies and CPS to see who can get Bug's adoption finalized the fastest.  Could this be considered bribery?  Perhaps.  I call it being proactive!

I currently have emails into two different agencies and CPS directly (not so) patiently awaiting responses from someone...  ANYONE...  giving me some idea of who will actually be handling the homestudy portion of Bug's adoption.  Contestants in my little contest include:

1)  My agency - When I changed agencies last year in order to follow Nice Lady (aka. The Greatest Case Manager of All Time), I didn't realize that the new agency was not yet licensed for adoptions.  When it became clear early on that Bug's case was heading that way, we weren't all that concerned because the agency was just waiting to get its adoption contracts approved by licensing.  That was six months ago.  We are still waiting.

2)  Alternate Agency - My agency director (who is a foster parent through a different agency) spoke to the director there and asked her if it would be possible for her agency to license me strictly for adoption so I can finalize on Bug.  She said "Sure!  No problem!"  That was two months ago.  Nice Lady and I both asked again last week, and never received a reply.

3)  Bug's FAD Worker (DFPS Adoption Worker) - I have spoken to him one time since Bug's case was transferred to him.  I know he's swamped with National Adoption Day coming up, but it sure would be nice to know what (if anything) I can do to speed this along!

Potential prizes for whoever gets me my baby the fastest may or may not include one or more of the following:

1)  My initial thought was a cash prize, but then I realized that DFPS might frown upon that.  No money will exchange hands, but no one said anything about a generous donation that might include:

2)  Office supplies!  I know that my agency workers all end up having to buy their own office supplies.  I'd be willing to bet they'd be doing a happy dance of joy if some generous benefactor (or grateful adoptive mother) were to bestow upon them a multitude of Sharpies, notebooks, mechanical pencils, gel pens, binder clips, etc!

3)  Training videos created after 2010!  I have been with three different agencies.  I have seen the same video of the boy destroying the rose bushes and his foster mom in her plaid wool skirt and button-up, long-sleeved, ruffled blouse at all three agencies over the past five years.  If I have seen that video five times, can you imagine how many times the agency workers have had to watch that thing!?!  I do believe the promise of a fashion-forward training video might just be enough to sway one of them into doing my bidding.

4)  My services in the organization and paperwork department!  I have been with three agencies over the past five years, and every one of them have asked me to train their foster parents in paperwork, organization, and time management.  Get me my kid, and I'll have plenty of spare time to lead those training sessions...  Just sayin'...

5)  Cookies!  When all else fails, you can never go wrong with the promise of sweets.  :-)

So I sent Nice Lady an email earlier today telling her about my scathingly brilliant idea and letting her know that the game is on!  I have no idea if it will lead anywhere, but a little proactive maneuvering never hurt anything, right?


*** UPDATE - In the midst of writing this post, I received messages from ALL THREE of the contestants within approximately fifteen minutes of each other.  I think they must have heard about my little contest.  I guess now we'll just see who gets me my baby the fastest and becomes the lucky winner of some awesome free-flow ink highlighters!  Apparently office supplies talk in the not-for-profit world of Foster/Adopt Land!  ;-) ***

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acceptance with joy said...

haha! lOVE IT!!

You GO.

Laura said...

Bahahahaha. Tammy, you are a genius! Seriously, a comic genius! ;)

Bessy said...

OMG the rosebush kid video!!!!! I have seen that three times now, CLASSIC!

Kelly (Cainder) said...

Brilliant idea! I'm so very glad that we don't have to deal with more than one contact for this stuff though!

Pamela Rutherford said...

I've seen the rose bush video too!!! Lol

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