Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Random Ramblings #2

After further contemplation, I have decided that it is not so much sweating that I dislike as it is the exercising itself. (See Blog entitled Random Ramblings #1) I am perfectly content to sit in a piping hot, steamy sauna and sweat my booty off for an hour as long as I don't have to move.  Exercising, on the other hand, SUCKS!!!

This is especially true for chunky ladies. All of that wobbling and jiggling... I really think fat people exercising should post disclaimers on their backs to warn off unsuspecting souls. "Santa Claus Belly Jiggling Ahead. Beware!" We could hurt someone! I've decided this is why I don't exercise. I'm only thinking of others.

Then there's that whole "day after" thing where places of your body hurt that you didn't even know you had. Who would have thought that working out would make your BOOBS hurt, for crying out loud?!? What's up with THAT?!?

Yeah... I'd much rather just lay there in the sauna for an hour or two and sweat it out than have to flop my way around on the treadmill. We'll see how long my "sweating it out" theory works. I'll probably HAVE to start moving eventually. But in the meantime... Just let me take a nap in a 130 degree steam sauna and wake up 3 pounds lighter.

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