Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rude Awakening

I was watching The Biggest Loser the other day, reveling in the fact that I would be "the skinny girl" on the show. (You have to gets your jollies somehow.) I was in for a rude awakening during the weigh-in, however, when I realized, "HOLY CRAP!!! That fat chick weighs LESS THAN ME now!!!" I guess WATCHING big people exercise on TV doesn't count as exercise.

Fat Class (aka.Weight Watchers at Work), here I come! Fat Lady Gym, I will once again be entering your doors. Let's hope lightening doesn't strike. Run, Chunky Lady, RUN LIKE THE WIND!!! I might even pay Skinny Bitch (see last year's blog) to yell at me. She was awful, but my massive booty ran. She was scary.

So if you feel the earth trembling beneath your feet, never fear! It's just me with my Santa Claus belly running on the treadmill. If you see me munching on celery, trying to convince you that "It's YUMMY!" just humor me and agree. And if I don't show up to work for a while, check the local jails. I might have assaulted Skinny Bitch. WISH ME LUCK!!!

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