Thursday, March 26, 2009

F/A Land Update

I promise, I haven't been holding out on you guys... I'm not keeping any big Foster/Adopt Land secrets. There just really hasn't been anything major to report the past week and a half or so.

The last potential baby call that I got was back on 3/16, which obviously didn't work out. But I got home from work that afternoon and found out that I got my new verification papers in the mail, so I was excited. I'm now officially verified for up to two children, foster/adopt, ages 0-12 years old, boy or girl. They wrote it up fairly broadly so I can just tell my case manager what to submit me for and can change my age ranges without having to go through the hassle of getting recertified. Yay! :-)
I just submitted my homestudy for consideration to adopt a 10-year-old little girl. The process is similar to that of placing foster children, but it takes longer. They want to make certain they have a solid positive match for everyone involved. I really don't have any idea how long it will be before I hear one way or the other. Her case manager didn't mention how long they would be accepting homestudies when my case manager submitted my paperwork. I guess I'll know when I know! ;-)
I'm going to be moving into a bigger apartment in the same complex in the next month or two. I decided to move back into the same floorplan that we were in when Melissa and I were roommates. It's a two story, two bedroom, two bath with a HUGE patio (I can get a swing again!!! :-). It feels a lot more like a house and less like an apartment than the place I'm in now. And I know I'll feel better having more room for the kiddos and their own bathroom. I should find out this weekend about availability and move-in costs. I'm hoping to get a corner unit by the courtyard if they have one available soon.
So that's pretty much it for now. My case manager is still on the lookout for infants ages 0-18 months for foster/adopt, and is keeping her eyes peeled for any matched adoption bulletins that open up for a little girl (6-12 years old). We'll just wait and see what happens first! or little girl... and in the meantime, I'm moving again!

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Nana said...

Even though it will be a hassle to move AGAIN the bigger apartment will be so much better for you and your daughter (when you get her).

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