Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beware! Apparently, I'm Contagious...

I've caught a disease. It's called the "Blog Bug."

Since I began this blog last month, I've totally rediscovered my love for writing. Unfortunately, there are some nasty side effects. I have found myself thinking in "writer mode" at all times. That wouldn't be so bad, but I tend to be rather dry and sarcastic in my every day life anyway... So Tammy in "writer mode" is about 100 times worse. I just can't seem to stop myself! People don't dare do anything remotely questionable around me because my "already-quick-to-shoot" mouth is on a roll! I am sooooo going to get in trouble one of these days.

I'm constantly on the lookout for inspiration. People are frightened of me now because they are afraid their actions will end up being the inspiration for one of my blogs. I might have to start getting more creative with the names to protect the innocent. :-) But then again... Come on! You have to know I'm going to say something about it when you do or say something ridiculous. This is me we're talking about!

To be fair, I am an equal opportunity blogger. I think I provide just as many laughs (if not more) at my own expense as I do at others'. How many other people would willingly admit they squealed like a teenage groupie to a comment from a complete stranger or that they were a favorite client of the Hooter Fairy? Actually, the more I think about it, the more I realize that I humiliate myself much more than I embarrass others. So I don't feel so bad now. :-)

Not only are the side effects to the Blog Bug potentially dangerous, the Bug itself is apparently contagious! I discovered this last week when my mother started her own blog... which then spread to my aunt... to my cousin... and now to my sister! I never meant to spread this infectious disease amongst my entire extended family. Had I known I was that contagious, I would have worn a mask or something. What started out as a simple blog to update my friends and family on my foster/adopt journey has turned into a widespread disease and a major competition.

You see, I don't get my sarcastic nature and writing ability from any strangers. We're all full of it! We're also all rather competitive, so it's going to be interesting to see who tops who in the blog world. We might all be telling the world that we "just want a place to vent or keep our friends and families updated," but that's not entirely true. We secretly want to win the unspoken family competition on who has the best / funniest / most insightful / most popular blog post for the day.

It's called the "Blog Bug"... and it's a serious disease.

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