Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"If" Question of the Week

I thought it might be fun to start an interactive "If" Question of the Week here on Tammy's Ramblings. I've owned a book entitled, "If..." by Evelyn McFarlane & James Saywell for several years, and it's a lot of fun at parties. It's got hundreds of "if" questions that really make you think. Some are funny... Some are pretty deep... But the answers you get are always interesting.

My goal is to present an "If" Question of the Week every week, answer the question from my point of view, and ask each of you to respond with your answer as well.

"If" Question of the Week - Week 1

"If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?"

I guess my first response to this would be with a question. Is this before or after I get released from the hospital after passing out from hyperventilating? Because I'm fairly certain that would be the first thing I would do.

I know the standard response to this question is ordinarily, "The first thing I'd do if I won the lottery would be to tell my boss to shove it and quit my job!" But not me... Why, you might ask... Do I love my job that much? Does the emotional gratification outweigh the monetary compensation? Do I truly feel as though "I save lives by making transfusion possible," and that no amount of money could replace the sense of accomplishment I feel in my heart for knowing I helped save a life? HECK NO! I pay bills for a living for crying out loud! It's a far stretch (even for me) to feel as though paying for a 9 cent box of paperclips is saving a life. I might feel differently if I worked in the lab or was a phlebotomist. Although I'm certain I'd still end up quitting eventually.

No... I wouldn't quit my job first thing because I'm kind of a little snot. I think it would be hilarious to run into the office, announce that I won the lotto, and then go into work every day as scheduled for a few weeks (or even months) just to sit back and watch my bosses squirm as they worry about if/when I'll be quitting. Bad, Tammy! :-) No, money might not be able to buy happiness, but in this case... it can certainly provide entertainment!

*** evil grin ***

So, what is the first thing I would do if I won the lottery? I would tell my parents to quit their jobs and set them up with a big chunk of change so they could retire and live comfortably for years to come. Goodness knows, I owe them! :-)

What about all of you? "If you won the lottery, what is the first thing you would do?"


kcoleman said...

I'd probably do the same thing. And then I'd go on a vacation.

Nana said...

OK. You are trying to make me cry now. Thank you for the sweet thoughts.

If I won the lottery I would also tell your dad to quit his job. I don't know how he can stand working on those 120 degree roofs during the summer. It is getting harder and harder on him. I really worry about him.

I would also give you the money to do a private adoption so you could get your baby!

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