Friday, May 1, 2009

"Foster Friday"

I mentioned in a previous post that I planned on doing a segment called "Foster Friday" so here it is for week #1!

After my experience with my first placement, and the lack of communication when it came to the baby's actual condition, I thought a good first topic for "Foster Friday" would be:

What questions should a foster parent ask before accepting a placement?

Asking questions didn't exactly work in my case. I specifically asked if Baby Girl was immobile! But I'm sure I could have asked more pressing questions in order to get better answers and more information. Do any of you have any advice?


Dawnelle said...

here's a few I asked last time, basic but helped me:
what do you know about the case so far? why are they in custody/why are they coming into care? any siblings? has he/she been in care before? do you see this being a long-term placement? are the parents in jail? do you know what for? any substance abuse? any special needs? who will the caseworker be? can I get her # and cell #?

Patty said...

I don't have any good answers to this becaise the questions I ask depend on what the matcher tells me in the first place.

I am wondering if another child has been placed with you as it has been several days since you last posted. If that is the case, I hope all is going well.

I really hope that you did not let your first experience deter you from continuing to be a foster parent. Fostering is doubt about it...but it is also wonderful.

Nana said...

It's a little scary that you haven't gotten any GOOD foster care stories. Makes you wonder about the whole system, huh? :-(

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