Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Drool Monster... :-)

Baby Boy (my little Drool Monster :-) is here! He's a super-happy little thing (7-months-old), and so far, seems to be settling right in (fingers crossed). We'll be venturing out tomorrow morning to visit Mama Tammy's work friends because they all want to spoil him, and we have a play date with my friend Melissa and her 1-year-old little girl tomorrow afternoon before naptime.

My sister brought my 4-year-old niece and nephew over tonight so they could meet him and we could go play on the playground and take a little walk. He lit up when they came in, and seemed to have a good time with them. He doesn't seem to know a stranger. All smiles and flirts. :-) So far, the only time he really cries is when he's getting tired or hungry, and even then it's not too bad. He just kind of whines and frowns, but get huge tears. I think he just knows how to milk it. :-)

My case manager actually had a home visit with Baby Girl (my Immobile Munchkin :-) today before she brought Baby Boy over, and she's doing great. My friends from foster care training have her and are also taking in her older sister! They are AMAZING! I'm so glad that they are able to give her everything that she needs.

Well, I'm gonna check on the kiddo and head to bed! Good night, everyone!


onemorebaby said...

What a cutie! (ot- can you email me at onemorebaby2 at yahoo dot com)? Question for ya!

Snarky Mom said...

Oh my gosh, he's such a cutie patootie. I want to squeeze him and his squishie cheeks. I miss having a baby around. Thanks a bunch Tammy. Now I'm going to pull out the videos of The Baby screaming for hours on end with colic that Big Daddy took to deter me from ever wanting another baby. Sigh....

BTW- Be very careful posting pictures of his face online. Heaven forbid a social worker from your agency sees it. They'll snatch him out of your house in a hot minute, it violates the confidentiality clause in most agencies foster parent agreements. Just a word from someone who has seen it happen.

Go love on Mr. Cutie Pants and enjoy!

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