Monday, April 12, 2010

Braving Up...

Well, I must be getting brave (or stupid) in my old age.  I opened up my foster care vacancies for two children ages 0-4 years old.  I'm keeping one opening strictly for infants (0-12 months), but I thought it was silly to sit around and wait for an infant when I can be helping another kiddo too.  Preschoolers are fun!  And I've never met a kid who didn't like me.  I'm a total kid magnet.  I've got a FANTASTIC daycare/preschool ready and waiting for my next kiddos.  ***Props to the BBT! ;-) ***  I've got the room.  I've got the love.  And I've got access to all of the stuff thanks to my sister and my 5-year-old niece and nephew.  Let's just hope I have the energy!  :-)

Watch them call me with siblings both still in diapers!  That would surely be a learning experience!  But you know me...  I never do things the easy way.  :-)

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