Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Blonde Moments of the Non-Blonde

Admit it!  You have them!  I know I do... 
  • I've been known to exclaim (rather loudly, I might add) that everything at Cheddar's was "so cheesy!"  (Duh!  The place is called "Cheddar's!")  

  • Upon hearing that a flight to New Zealand was going to take 23 hours, I asked (in all seriousness), "Well why don't they just go the short way?" thinking that if they took off in the opposite direction, it would only take 1 hour (because it only takes 24 hours for the earth to turn).

  • While riding in my mother's car, I mentioned that they were sure playing a lot of Wilson Phillips on the radio that day...  It was a CD.
So I wasn't overly-surprised yesterday when I had yet another "blonde moment of the non-blonde."

I was on my way out of the daycare with Monkey in his carrier and diaper bag in tow when I approached the car.  I clicked the clicker.  Nothing.  That car was locked down like Fort Knox!  I spent the next five minutes walking around the car trying the clicker from different angles.  I tried shoving my arm through the cracked windows in a feeble attempt to unlock the car doors that way but the windows weren't quite low enough.  I was just about to walk back into the daycare to get Monkey out of the heat and to call my mom and ask her to bring my extra clicker when the doors finally unlocked when I pressed the button again.  I loaded Monkey, got in, and headed home. 

I was halfway home when it finally occurred to me... 

I probably could have just used the key!!!

Blonde moments of the non-blonde...  Fun times!  :-)


Penelope said...

:-b Sorry!

MamaFoster said...

you are blonde :)

i have heard of other people doing this too...technology is rotting our brains :)

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