Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Monkey's got his first visit scheduled with his bio mom tomorrow morning.  Should be interesting as I am told she apparently doesn't speak a lick of English and the Invisible Caseworker supervising the visit doesn't speak Spanish very well...  I'm still not clear on how they coordinated the visit in the first place.

I am definitely looking forward to meeting this caseworker, that's for sure.  Hopefully she'll be able to give me some shred of information on his case and her take on how things might go.  I'm really hoping a relative placement will work out for him.  There's a part of me that worries about him spending the first year or more of his life in an English-speaking home only to go home with his parents and not understand what anyone is saying to him later on.  I know it's silly.  He's a baby.  Babies pick up languages so quickly!  But it would be confusing and scary enough leaving the only Mama he'll know at that point without adding the communication barrier to the equation. 

So that's my irrational fear of the day...  My infant not understanding Spanish...  Goodness!  I need help!  He doesn't even know that he can chew on his own feet yet, and I'm worried about his language skills!  ;-)

(FYI - Pic is of Banana...  She is a few weeks older than her "uncle" and is paving the way in what we aspire him to do.  Do you see her going to town chewing on those puppies?!?  Oh, the big dreams we have for our children...  ;-)


Debbie said...

Maybe it will encourage his parents to learn English.
Hope the visit goes well.

FootPrints said...

can't wait to hear how it went!

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