Friday, August 12, 2011

How "Booger Bear" Got His Name

It occurred to me after over two years
that I may not have ever explained how Booger Bear got his nickname...

Right after Booger came to live with me,
he got a sinus infection, and I quickly dubbed him the

"Booger Bear."

(See the loveliness coming out of his nose in this picture? :-)

The nickname stuck, and he was affectionately known as
"Booger Bear" or "Booger" until the day he went to live with his daddy.  
(Although he will ALWAYS be "Booger Bear" to me. =)

This past Mother's Day, Heaven and Kelly brought Booger and Banana
by the house because Booger had been working hard on 
special Mother's Day presents for me.

Mixed in with everything that Booger thought I desperately needed
(including a bell, a duck pen that stands on it's own,
picture frames that he decorated himself, and a flower)
was this...

"IT SAYS, 'BOOGER BEAR!'" he excitedly exclaimed.

I love that if I ask him who's my very special boy,
he responds with "ME!"

I love that he knows how much he means to me.

And I love that this kid will always be...
my "Booger Bear."

(Although he's probably not going to be so excited about
his nickname as he's walking the stage to get his
diploma and I shout, "MIMI LOVES YOU, BOOGER BEAR!!!)


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