Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two Teeth & Very Little Doubt...

Yep...  Monkey got his SECOND tooth the week after Tooth #1 came in.
I thought this pic was perfect,
and left very little doubt that this is one super happy baby. 

Wish I could show his whole face because he is positively edible!

Funny story...
Went to the grocery store earlier, and had a very sweet woman comment on how very much my son looks like me.  I totally played along and thanked her profusely, all the while thinking...  "Really?  He's Hispanic and I'm somewhat Irish!  Other than the double chins and brown eyes, I didn't think we looked that much alike."  ;-)

Still no word from the Invisible CPS Caseworker as to how his case is progressing, but I'm going to love him to pieces in the meantime. 
How could I not?  LOOK AT THAT CHIN!!!
Positively edible, I say...
(Definitely think the double chin looks better on the baby than it does on me. ;-)


Diane said...

He is adorable!

MamaFoster said...

i keep wondering what is going on with his case too

mommie2be said...

oh my. its the cheeks that would do me in! What a great shot :)

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