Thursday, September 1, 2011

That Is SO Wrong!!!

Why, yes, my friends! 
That IS a pair of men's underwear magically transformed into a lovely summer top!

I received this photo in an email today and just had to share.
Can you guess where the picture was taken?
WALMART!!!  (of course)

I have to admit, this is rather creative.
I certainly never would have thought to do that to my guy's undies.
But then again, I have all of my teeth and don't go around
kissing my cousin.

That Is SO Wrong!!!


MamaFoster said...


Carla said...

oh my. I'm speechless and that doesn't happen all that often! Hilarious!

J said...

I have seen that one before...and for some reason, I never even thought it could be a woman! I just assumed it was a man making an ass of himself. Couldn't figure out why he wanted to cover up his chest...but I mean really - he has underwear on as a shirt. I wasn't using rational thinking! LOL

DannieA said...

You should come to work with me. We have what I call xxxx sightings (don't want to give away the city where I work in but you get the drift)

You haven't lived until you've been at an IEP where the parent is wearing underwear on their head and I had to keep a straight face the whole time!

Mama P said...

Stop posting photos of me on the internet!

Ha! Just kidding...truthfully, nothing shocks me anymore. I actually look forward to my Wally-world trips for the amusement factor alone!

Michelle said...

That is truly hideous!!!

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