Monday, September 5, 2011

The Half-Year Mark for Monkey...

Monkey is officially 6-months-old, and has now been with me for nearly four months.  He is a super-happy little (relatively speaking ;-) thing.  Still no idea where his case might be heading, but I'm loving him like crazy in the meantime.

At six months, Monkey is:
  • Sitting on his own (although he is still a little top heavy and has to push himself up from time to time.)

  • Has been eating Stage 1 baby foods for about a month and a half, and is just now starting to eat Stage 2.  So far, he loves just about everything EXCEPT peaches, prunes, and chicken noodle.  I was fairly certain he wanted to call my agency and turn me in when I tried a "meal" of peas (which he normally likes), two bites of prunes, and peaches.

  • Has two teeth!

  • Has graduated from the infant tub to the "big boy bath seat."

  • Thinks that Mama is the FUNNIEST person on the planet and anticipates my moves.  He laughs before I even do anything!  He is super ticklish (especially his feet, underarms, and belly).  He starts laughing from the moment I un-snap his clothes because he knows that the Tickle Monster is on the way.  :-)

  • Favorite toys are his links, his crinkly books, his stationary jumper, and his exersaucer.  We officially "retired" the swing last week when Monkey started riding it like an amusement park ride.

  • Has a very long attention span and a one-track mind.  He gets his mind set on something and will keep going back to it for days!  Current obsessions are his feet, Kitty Cat Tommie, the spinner on his exersaucer, and the screensaver on the computer.

  • Flat out refuses to roll from his stomach to his back, but will immediately flip from back to stomach when laying down.  Makes no sense to me, but he only rolls the "hard" way.

  • Monkey's hearing finally seems to be back to "normal!"  After going over a month not being able to hear at all, it's finally seemed to have cleared itself up (even though we spent several mornings at the ENT, audiologist, and his pediatrician).  It's so, soooo nice knowing that he can hear me and not having to shout like I'm calling the marching band to attention in order to get him to look at me.  :-)

  • Has discovered volume control on his voice now that he can hear.  He knows to "whisper" at night and loves to growl, squeal, shout, etc. during the day. 

  • Goes for his 6-month well-baby check on Wednesday, so we'll have height and weight measurements that afternoon!  My prediction...  28.5 inches long and 20 pounds.  This baby is HUGE!  He's in 9-month clothing and is already poking the feet out of the ends of his pajamas because he's so tall.  I will not, however, make the mistake of calling him "fat" again.  Buddy informed me (very sternly) that it is not polite to call someone "fat."  Monkey is "chunky."  Hence, the "Chunky Monkey" moniker.

His parents seem to be working their caseplans, and are trying hard to do what they need to do in order to be the parents that he deserves.  His caseworker still has some serious concerns, but things seem to be moving in the right direction towards reunification.  Monkey's mom sent a letter home from his last visit that I'm going to frame and hang in his room.  She has made a lot of mistakes, but it's clear how much she loves him.  I love this baby like crazy, and I just pray that no matter what happens, he continues to be safe, happy, and loved.

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MamaFoster said...

i am hoping he will end up exactly where he will be taken care of as well.

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