Monday, September 12, 2011

Monkey's Newest "Obsession"

Monkey has a one-track mind.  He gets fixated on something, and will. not. leave. it. alone!  Like, for days (even weeks) on end...  Most recently, his newest "obsession" has been Kitty Cat Tommie.

Up until now, Monkey never really paid much attention to the cat although Tommie is usually never far from his side.  But Monkey suddenly noticed him a couple of weeks ago when the cat started hanging out under his highchair and begging for food.  Tommie is used to most of my other kiddos eating finger foods, so I think he's expecting meat sticks or something to fall from "the sky."  The baby's still a little young for that, so he's gonna have to wait a little longer.  Tommie knows it's coming though, and he lets us know that he wants some table scraps.  Very loudly.  And now that Monkey's got his hearing back, he is all about anything that makes sound.  And believe me.  Tommie can make some sound!  :-)

So Monkey has a newfound obsession with Kitty Cat Tommie.  I have a booger of a time trying to give him his bottle because Tommie usually sits with us when I do.  It was never a problem before, but now Monkey just has to be touching him and looking at him at. all. times, so he wiggles and squirms himself into insanely uncomfortable feeding positions and I end up practically upside-down and backwards!

Now Monkey would rather "play" with Kitty Cat Tommie than his own toys.  (Note the "touching" of the tail)  I know the day is coming when Monkey will grab on with a mighty force and attempt to pull Tommie around the room by that convenient "string" that's attached to his body.  That will be an interesting day, I'm certain.  :-)

They've taken to "staring each other down" in an attempt to see who's going to win.  Up until now, it has been the cat.  Monkey's determined though, and I have a feeling his day is coming.  Poor Kitty Cat Tommie...  :-)

I am waiting for that inevitable day when Tommie decides to go all "Rocky Balboa" and use Monkey's head as a punching bag.  :-)  He's been known to do that from time to time when the babies get on his last nerve.  It's pretty funny, really.  He has no claws, so the "boxing" technique works well for him.  :-)
Yep...  I have a feeling things are about to get pretty interesting around the house...  :-)

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FootPrints said...

look how big he's getting!! so handsome!

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