Friday, September 30, 2011

My Day in Photos... (A Weekday)

Jill over at Baby Rabies challenged her readers to do a "Day in the Life" blog post, so I thought I'd give it a go.  A photo every hour documenting the "normal" stuff...  I'm bummed that I can't show the full pics of Monkey because he truly is stinkin' adorable.  (Not that I am at all biased or anything ;-)  So here it goes... 

An Ordinary Weekday in Photos...
(Thursday, September 29, 2011)

I am sooooo not a morning person, but Monkey is always all smiles and raring to go at what I consider to be un-Godly hours of the morning.  I guess I can wake my lazy self up at dawn's buttcrack if it means getting to look at this happy little face every day.

Picture Day at daycare!!!  Got Monkey all dressed in his "big boy" outfit and then panicked because he's been spitting up like The Exorcist baby this week (teething is a booger!).  Problem solved with a bib the size of our home state.  (He really is a chick magnet too. ;-)

We got our free flu shots today at work!  One of the few little perks of working in the health industry...  Personally, I think they only offer them because they don't want us to miss a week of work, but that's okay.  :-)  Cheryl, Ms. B, and I waited in line for 40 minutes to get those shots because the company only sent one little girl to give all 500 of them.  We (of course) had to provide the entertainment for the group because who wants to stand in line for 40 minutes in a silent room.  We were rewarded for our efforts with pretty bandaids, and (hopefully) a flu-free winter.  ;-)

Hard at work...  What's that, you say?  That looks like I'm playing on Facebook to you?  Oh no, my friend...  That is "networking."  ;-)

Spent a good half an hour hiding from a co-worker in the file room.  You know it's bad when you choose two weeks' worth of bottom drawer filing over dealing with a particular person.

Lunch with my Mom after the following series of text messages:
Me - "Do you want to go to lunch to celebrate no jury duty?" (She got an email releasing her.)
Mom:  "Yes!!!!!"
Me:  "That was easy!  :-)"
Mom:  ";-)"
We do like to get our grub on.  :-)

Not really sure how this happens, but I somehow manage to collect a wide assortment of drinks throughout the day...

Daily phone call from my sister...  I swear, it looks like I don't work at all!  The last three calls on my Caller ID are from my sister, my mom, and my BFF!

See?!?  I really do work!!!  Sorted my Inbox into random piles.  ;-)

Important discussion with co-workers about what to eat on FRIDAY
They like to get their grub on too.  :-)

Home for my "spoil the cat" and a little bit of "me" time before I pick up Monkey.  This is my couch.  It might be 12 years old and in sorry shape, but it is the size of a twin-size bed and quite literally sucks the life out of you in 30 seconds flat.  Naptime ROCKS!!!

Picked Monkey up from daycare and was pleasantly-surprised to see he was still in his picture clothes!  I am, however, slightly concerned to hear that he remained clean because "he was in that huge bib all day!"  Really hoping they took it off of him for his pictures...  Guess I'll find out when I see the proofs!

Monkey enjoyed a yummy "gourmet" dinner of Vegetable Macaroni & Cheese and Banana/Plum/Grapes for dessert.

Ready for bed and gettin' kisses from Mama...  Seriously...  Those cheeks!!!  How can I resist?!?

Monkey suddenly realized that it was ten minutes past his "normal" bedtime bottle and let the neighbors know in no uncertain terms that his Mama was starving him to absolute death.  "DO YOU NOT SEE ME WASTING AWAY INTO NOTHINGNESS HERE?!?"

Sound asleep, still chewing on his blanket...
Poor baby...  That front tooth is taking its sweet time coming in.  :(

Ending the night once again spoiling and loving on my first "baby." 
Tommie loves his Mama too.  :-)

So that is a fairly typical "Day in the Life" of Mimi...  I now realize that my weekdays are rather boring, and am curious to see what my weekends are like.  I think a "Day in the Life: Weekend Edition" is in order...  :-)

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