Sunday, October 9, 2011

3 Years Ago...

Three years ago today, I made "The Big Decision."  I made the decision to enter the world of Foster/Adopt Land...  and my life was forever changed...

Three years ago...

I was a single woman with a spoiled cat.

I was "Fun Aunt Tammy" to 3-year-old boy/girl twins.

I came home to a quiet, clean apartment after work every day.

I stayed up til 3 in the morning on the weekends.

I slept as late as I wanted on Saturdays and Sundays, and I took 3-hour naps.

I had occassional Girls' Nights with grown women and no kids.

I went to the grocery store twice a month, and only had to carry in three bags.

I went on vacations and took spur-of-the-moment weekend roadtrips.

When I got bored, I'd hop in the car and go shopping.

When I got hungry, I'd hop in the car and go through a drive thru.

Did I mention I took 3-hour naps?

And then I moved to Foster/Adopt Land,
and everything changed...

Three years later...

I am a single woman with a spoiled cat.

I have been "Mimi, Mom, and Mama" to six foster kiddos, an honorary granddaughter, and an amazing honorary daughter.

My extended "family" has grown by leaps and bounds as Booger's and Heaven's families and I have unofficially "adopted" each other.

  I am "Fun Aunt Tammy" to now 6-year-old boy/girl twins and almost 6-month-old boy/girl twins.

I come home to an apartment overrun with baby gear, laundry, and bottles after work every day.

I also come home to a super-happy baby boy.  :-)

I am still awake at 3:00am, but it is only for that middle of the night feeding.

Some nights, I am sawing logs at 9:00pm.

I wake up at 6:30am every single day to happy baby chatter on the baby monitor.

I catch occassional catnaps when the baby finally decides to sleep.

Girls' Nights are more like "afternoon playdates" with my BFFs and all of our kiddos.

I live at the grocery store, and have to wheel in the groceries in the stroller.

I haven't left my city in three years.

When I get bored...  Wait a second...  I don't think I've BEEN bored in three years!

When I get hungry, I order pizza.  They deliver.

I do miss my 3-hour naps...

But I wouldn't have it any other way!!!



Kylee said...

Happy 3 years to you, Tammy!! Thanks for all of your hard work in being mama to lots of kids...YOU are making a difference and it is an encouragement to me, as well as many others!

Penelope said...

Wow! That was my life 7.5 years ago! Amazing how it can change with one phone call.

MamaFoster said...

all those precious babies...and all that missed sleep :)

love it

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