Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Morning Conversation

Upon walking into work this morning...

Me (with a giddy smile on my face):  "Guess who slept through the night last night?!?
(7-months-old and Monkey still wakes up at 3:30am every night for a bottle!)

Co-Worker (excitedly exclaims):  "MONKEY!!!"

Me:  "I have no idea!  But I sure did!!!"

* No babies were left crying and unattended throughout the night while Mama was drooling on her pillow.  I'm fairly certain anyway...  ;-)


CherubMamma said...

I was guilty (with my bio kid) of putting him on the first floor, putting me on the second floor, and running a I could get some sleep one night. :)
He survived.
And so did I.
I do remember those sleepless nights though and the joy of finally getting to sleep all the way through.
Hopefully Monkey will continue to sleep all night for you!!

kate said...

Didn't you feel like a million dollars today? Ahh, sleep. Our only true luxury.

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