Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Time Has Come...

Why, yes, my friends... 
That IS a wadded up napkin doubling as protective driving gear. 
Perhaps the time has come to purchase a
sunshade for my car.

Not that it would help.

Day 15 of 100+ degree weather, and IT IS HOT!

Crossing the threshold into the "steam sauna"
that was formerly known as "the great outdoors" has
become somewhat unbearable.

The humidity makes you sweat standing still.

Stepping into the "oven" that was once your
automobile...  Not so enjoyable.

I believe one friend's car announced an
"inside temperature" of 138 degrees at one point.
(Hence my need to break down and purchase a sunshade.)

Although, I hear there is hope!
Apparently we are expecting a "cool front" on Tuesday!
High temp of "only" 99 degrees!!!

That is SO wrong!!!


Jenny said...

That weather sounds very familiar-- you must live in central Texas, huh? I'm just appreciating that it's cloudy and only in the low 80's so far this morning!

Learning To Abandon said...

I know exactly how you feel!! You know it's bad when you're sweating IN your car, even with the air conditioner on. Ayy! I've heard this is our second hottest summer on record. I believe it!

kcoleman said...

You should move out of hell with me. I told you I'm thinking about moving to Kenntucky. Texas is AWFUL in the summer. Let's move!!!

Endless Love ~ Amazing Grace said...

I just bought one today:)

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