Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sure Signs that Mimi Needs Some Sleep

With all of the craziness the past couple of weeks, I didn't realize just how tired and stressed out I really was until this week...  Sure signs that Mimi needs a good, loooooong nap:

  • I added formula to my raspberry tea.  Not almost added formula...  But actually added formula.

    • I tried to lock my cubicle with my car clicker.  I went so far as to get all frustrated that my clicker had stopped working again and remembered to "use the key" before I realized that my car keys weren't likely to work on my office cubicle (especially considering it is a cubicle.  As in no door to lock).
      • Upon reading further on the side effects of Monkey's congestion/allergy medication, I momentarily came to the brilliant conclusion that "Yeah...  I should probably stop giving it to him.  I do have a lot of those side effects."  (Note that I said that I have a lot of those side effects.  The baby who is actually taking the medication seems to be just fine.)

      • I created mass hysteria in the Finance Department when I got into work on Monday and insisted that someone had come in over the weekend and switched my mouse for an old, used one.  I was so emphatic that the other girls in the office came to the conclusion that someone had done the same with theirs.  I called the IS Department and expressed my frustration.  After they insisted they had no part in it, I decided that it must have been our favorite office prankster.  I outed him on Facebook.  He called, whining, ;-) and swearing he didn't do anything.  After spending the better part of my day trying to track down the evil-doer, I started to realize that my mouse just might actually be my mouse after all.  I did just get a new computer at home over the weekend.  I probably just got used to how that mouse felt and went a wee bit crazy when I got to work.  Just a wee bit...

      And the biggest, surest sign of all that Mimi needs a long, long nap...

      I LET MY CROPS WITHER ON FARMVILLE!!!  TWICE!!!  Now if that's not a sure sign of sleep-deprivation, I don't know what is! 


        CherubMamma said...

        I'm feeling your pain!! I haven't slept through the night since my two newest cherubs came. I'm up to my eyeballs in children and I can't even nap. I'm hoping my littlest one will settle in soon so I can at least get a night or two of solid sleep. Hopefully yours will as well so you can get caught up too!

        Varner's of Frisco said...

        I needed the laugh. Thank you.

        MamaFoster said...

        oh my word, you are tired!

        the worst i go was i was constantly stubbing my toes and running into furniture...i asked my husband "what is wrong with me?!?!?!?" and he gave me "the look" and was like "we are both exhausted...what did you think it was?" :)

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