Monday, July 11, 2011

Guest Posting at "Foster2Forever"...

I was thrilled silly when Penny over at "Foster2Forever" asked me to guest post this week. I kind of felt like I had won the lottery or something (mostly because this is the first time anyone has ever asked me to guest post, so I was giddy. :-) And when she asked me if I might have anything to say about the number of crazy appointments that our foster children have to go to, I nearly blew Diet Coke out of my nose from the involuntary laughter that ensued. My Facebook status that very morning was something along the lines of, "My 4-month-old has a busier schedule than I do!!! ...and so is the life of a foster child... Craziness!" Do I have anything to say? Why yes... Yes, I do! :-)

Read Part One of "The Never-Ending Foster Care Appointments" over at "Foster2Forever," and stay tuned next Monday for the thrilling Conclusion.  ;-)

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Mama P said...

Yay for guest blogging! I always love what you have to say...I feel like you're a kindred spirit and I don't even know you! Off to read, now. I love Foster2Forever too...since she's the whole reason I found you, and MamaFoster, and FPP, and my other new addictions to secretly stalk. LOL

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