Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Text Message

I must be feeling sassy today.  Monkey is supposed to have a long visit with his parents today to make up for the fact that they haven't seen him in three weeks (not all their fault...  lack of communication with the Invisible CPS Caseworker...  Shocker.).  I wouldn't know for sure if this visit is actually going to occur seeing as how I haven't heard from the Invisible One (shocker again).

So...  I sent her the following text message this morning:

‎"I'm sending a bottle just in case Monkey's visit goes past 11:00.
He shouldn't need it before then. He's getting over a cold,
so he's pretty congested and kind of fussy.
He also woke up at 5:00am this morning, so...
GOOD LUCK!!! ;-)"

Oh!  And did I mention that they have oh-so-brilliantly decided to schedule his visits during his morning naptime?

Yeah... You have fun with that, Invisible One! ;-P


Mama P said...

I hate that, especially for Monkey! The first baby we had always had visits during his nap time, and EVERY FREAKING TIME they would say "He must be teething!" and EVERY FREAKING TIME I would say, "No, you just made visitation during his nap time, so this is what happens." LOL Sometimes people are super smart.

CherubMamma said...

My two cherubs are 2 and 4. Most people are freakishly surprised when I tell them that I still nap the children.

And of course, EVERY SINGLE APPOINTMENT for them has been scheduled during their nap.

Thankfully it takes them an hour to get to their "home" county for visits, court, etc. They usually sleep in the car. But I'm the one picking up the pieces when they are all out of whack because their schedule got messed up.

kate said...

So? Did the visit happen?

I hope you sent the invisible caseworker's supervisor a copy of the text.

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