Monday, July 23, 2012

I Do Believe I Am "Nesting"

This weekend I had a sudden urge to pull out my stash of baby/toddler clothes and organize it because I've accumulated several tubs since the last time I'd done it.  I decided the "easiest" thing to do would be to empty everything and start from scratch.  After dumping out a dozen 66 gallon storage tubs, I surveyed the mess and thought, "Houston, I clearly have a problem!  Hi.  My name is "Mimi," and I am a baby clothes hoarder."

I love going through my baby clothes!  As I look at each little outfit, I remember my babies and things they did in those cute little rompers, onesies, and dresses.  I look at some that my kiddos haven't had a chance to wear yet, and am dying to fill them up.  I spent a good eight hours sorting, labeling, and reorganizing.  I went and bought additional storage bins because I know that I have more clothes on the way thanks to Heaven and Christy (Banana, Pooper, and Butterfly have all outgrown their 12-month stuff so it's all headed back to me!).  I worked and worked.  ...and then I hit the second nursery!

I set up the new changing station.  I arranged for the apartment maintenance guys to haul the new crib to my place (UPS delivered it to the apartment office because I wasn't home).  I sorted toys.  I located the crib bedding and other decorative stuff that I plan on using for that room.  And that's when I realized...  I do believe I am "nesting."

I have a tendency to do this a week or two before a new kiddo comes into my life, so we'll see!  I've been pretty happy with the "easy" life right now, so I haven't really been in a huge hurry to change it.  I get Monkey four nights/mornings a week.  I get to be Mama without all of the stress.  I get to spend the weekends with my other kids and be Mimi and mom.  I get to sleep in on the weekends!!!  Things are easy and stress free!  But...  I am clearly "nesting."  So I guess that means...

I am ready for hectic mornings, sleepless nights, "sibling" rivalry, trips to the doctor, CPS caseworkers, CASA, ridiculous amounts of paperwork, and the roller coaster of emotions that is Foster/Adopt Land.    


(Because goodness knows, I am at least well-prepared in the clothing department. ;-)

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Debbie said...

That's a lot of baby clothes!! We got the call the day after I did this.

The Campbell's Journey said...

I just got to go through some of my baby girl clothes to pass on to a new foster mom. It was so much fun and I was doing the same thing. Remembering who wore what!

I currently have a little guy that has been able to sport some of our first foster placements clothes. It is definitely bittersweet to see those clothes on him.

Diane said...

Over the years I have accumulated way too much - 3 1/2 closets and a full dresser plus about a dozen copy paper boxes. You never know who is coming next!

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