Thursday, July 5, 2012

It All Moves Quickly... Until It's at a Standstill...

So if you don't follow "Trippin'" on F@cebook, you probably don't know the latest development in the case regarding the little girls that I heard about back in April.  (Catch up here [Part One], here [Part Two], and here [Part Three] if you want to refresh your memory. ;-)

Foster/Adopt Land is a funny place.  Everything moves at the speed of light...  Until it doesn't.  Then you get absolutely nothing for months.  After hearing absolutely nothing regarding the girls for 2 1/2 months, I had pretty much decided that their situation had changed and they weren't going to move them after all.  I was totally okay with that.  One thing I've learned over the past few years is to not get my hopes up and count on anything until it actually happens when it comes to Foster/Adopt Land.  I had moved on and was preparing my new place for my next foster kiddo.  But as we all know, things can change quickly here, and that is exactly what happened one night last week.

It was my first Monkey-free night for the week, and I had just settled down to catch up on my shows when my phone rang.  It was my "foster care ringtone" (Temporary Home by Carrie Underwood).  I wasn't expecting that because I haven't given the go-ahead for new placements just yet, but when I looked at the caller ID, it was The Invisible One.  I swear, the woman was impossible to get ahold of when she was Monkey's caseworker, but now that he's officially no longer in my home, I hear from her fairly regularly.  It was a very hurried phone call, but the gist was that the girls' caseworker has finally decided that she wants to move them into a foster/adopt home as a legal risk placement.  I was told to contact their GAL the next morning for details.

I got to work on Friday and immediately called the girls' attorney to catch up.  The situation is still the same... TPR scheduled for October for the younger sister and older half sister might be going to her bio father and/or his family.  She gave me the contact information for the girls' caseworker and told me to have my agency send over my homestudy ASAP.  I spent the rest of the day messaging back and forth with my agency, The Invisible One, and the girls' caseworker, and the last I heard was that the caseworker was looking forward to reading my homestudy.  There is one other family who has gotten in early (before the caseworker sends out a broadcast email asking for potential homes), but it's definitely nice to know that I have other people on my side.

So it's now been a week since that crazy busy day of communication, and we are back to the "everything is once again at a standstill" place.  I'm still okay with it.  Whatever is supposed to happen will happen.

I've never been much of a "girly girl."  Cotton candy pink and lace tend to make me want to run screaming for the hills.  But when I think of the possibility of having two little girls running circles around me in my home, I start thinking in shades of magenta, tea parties, and playing dress-up.  Do I see ribbons and hairbows, dresses and curls in my future?  I sure hope so!  If not these girls, I do believe I'll be instructing my agency to "think pink" when it comes to my next placement.  :-)


Debbie said...

I was never a pink girl either until a certain princess entered our family and insists pink is her favorite color. Followed closely by blue which is mine. :-)

Excited to hear about the possibility. Hope it doesn't take long for them to decide where to place the girls.

Last Mom said...

My husband will tell you that all that stuff about little girls quietly playing tea parties is a myth! He was so surprised by how loud and crazy girls can get!

Diane said...

All in God's time... Maybe your move and putting a new placement on hold has been to allow this situation to mature. He'll reveal his plan soon enough. "Hurry up and wait!" It came from the military but totally applies to this world too!

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