Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Day in Photos (and Some Words Too... Because You KNOW I Like to Talk ;-)

I've done this once before...  A "Day in the Life" post told in photos...  So much has changed since then, so I thought I'd do another one!  One photo every waking hour in an attempt to document just what exactly it is that I do all day.  :-)

An Ordinary Weekday in Photos...
(Wednesday, July 18th, 2012)

A lot has changed over the past year,
but one thing has stayed the same...
I still get to wake up to THIS smiling face
four mornings a week!

Another good change..
This time you get to see his WHOLE FACE!!!

And a second pic just because he's so cute...  ;-)


You make my heart sing...
You make everything...  Groovy...
(And a blackberry cream cheese kolache doesn't hurt either! ;-)


Why yes, that phone bill does say "Page 2 of 1581."
and guess who gets to reconcile it!!!
Fun times in Accounts Payable...


Fairly certain I just felt my heart skip a beat when I opened this email...
Kid-to-Kid's Fill-a-Bag Clearance Sale this Friday!!!
Bargain shopping...  Oh, how I love thee!


I have these awesome little signs that I use at the office.
I needed them today around 11:00am
when the most mind-numbingly exhausting person in the company
came up to our office and proceeded to spend a good
10-15 minutes attempting to ask us a math question.
I say "attempting" because even she didn't know what she wanted!

I wanted to use this subtle sign,
but I doubt she would have gotten the clue.

(Although I'm pretty sure that was an accurate
depiction of our faces while she was talking...)

Home for lunch...
Monkey's favorite part of the day where he stands
in front of my mom and me and begs for food
like a starving baby bird.
Nevermind that he has just finished his own full meal
not fifteen minutes before I arrived!

Someone wasn't overly fond of the Sugar Free pineapple popsicle
that Mama so graciously offered to share.


The aftermath and devastation left in the wake of
Hurricane Monkey...
And this is only ONE ROOM!
The rest of the house is just as bad.

Perhaps I might qualify for FEMA assistance?

A quick wardrobe change after squirting soap all over my other shirt,
and I am back at work and ready for snack time!
A vendor brought our department a huge cooler stuffed with
an assortment of ice cream yesterday, and this is Day Two's afternoon snack.
(...and we all wonder why we just can't seem to lose weight up here...)

Paying bills...
Paying lots of bills...
I thought I'd be nice and not force you to look at them though.

Instead, I leave you with a picture of my computer's desktop.
Monkey in his 4th of July outfit...
You may thank me later.


My co-workers all deserted me by 4:00pm,
so I decided to get a little mischievous after they left.

Every day, without fail, one of them inevitably heads downstairs
to the breakroom for lunch only to come back upstairs three minutes later
to get some important item that they had forgotten.

I thought I'd be a total smartass a really helpful friend
and make "Daily Lunch Checklists"
to attach to their "Gone to Lunch" signs for them.

They'll be in for a pleasant (and ever-so-helpful) surprise
tomorrow come lunchtime!


The obligatory construction warning sign on the way home
from work telling us that they've basically decided to turn
the road into a spirograph.
I believe they had to have this particular sign specially made,
but it appears to be missing a few details.

Something like this would have been more fitting:


Quick nap for Mama before Monkey arrives!


Looks like Tommie had the same idea...  :-)

Let the Tickle Time begin!!!
Bedtime snuggles and giggles with Mama...

I'd say somebody loves me...  :-)


Fighting hard to stay awake...


Pretty sure it's a losing battle for Mr. Monkey Man...


...and he's out!!!
(Snuggled up on top of Mr. Bunny and hugging Puppy Dog)


Bubble bath for Mama!!!
But I will be kind, and spare you that visual... 
Again...  You are welcome.  ;-)

Catching up on "So You Think You Can Dance..."

Yes, I realize this isn't a photo.
It's not even from this season!
But it's one of my all-time favorites,
so I thought I'd share.


So there it is in all of its super-exciting glory!  A typical weekday in the life of  Mimi...  Gonna have to do a weekend one of these days so you can see all of my awesome kids.  ;-)  You guys should try this one of these days too.  It's kind of fun looking back and seeing how things change in your ordinary days.

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