Saturday, November 3, 2012

Maintenance and Request!

Couple of blog maintainence things and a REQUEST!

1) I will be taking down a large portion of the blog over the weekend in order to make it a little more anonymous, add graphics and pics, update dead links, etc.   Never fear!   It will all come back soon... bigger and better!   I just wanted to give you a head's up first.

2) Next week's "Foster Friday" Q&A will be answering the question "Where can I find local organizations that support foster children throughout the year and/or specifically during the holiday season?"   I have several that I use, but I'd like to put together a listing BY STATE.

My HUGE request is for help FROM ALL OF YOU in providing links to organizations that you use in your area (or just help with the research if you have time).  I know...  I know...  I probably should have started this project a bit sooner.  Nothing like a trainstop in Procrastination Station to make things harder on myself!  :-)

Please email me directly at with links to your favorite organizations or if you can offer any other kind of assistance!!!

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