Friday, November 2, 2012

Month of Thanksgiving 2012 - Day One

It's November again, and the Holiday Season is upon us.  For me, November is a month of Thanksgiving.  A month to actively reflect on my life and share the things that I am most thankful for...  I have been very blessed, and I love to express just how much certain people, things, experiences, etc. mean to me during this time of year because I know I don't generally say it enough.

I checked out last year's "Day One," where I expressed my thanks for "the little things," only to look down and realize that I was once again drinking out of my Route 44 morning Diet Coke with lime and extra ice, and I realized that I am just as thankful for the small things as I was last year.

Day One:

Today, I am thankful for a a boss who understands my need to take a last minute day off in order to meet my OCD need to CPS-proof my house before my homestudy.  MUST HIDE THE TUMS!!!  (Sidenote - They never even left the living room!  Easiest "homestudy" ever!  Nice Lady came with them, and since she was just here three weeks ago, she vouched for me. ;-)

I found myself enjoying comfortable shoes as I made the hike from work to my car, stuffed crust Pepperoni Lovers pizza for dinner (something my oldest daughter gags at the thought of, but my youngest daughter can appreciate as much as I do), a huge jug of ice water (which made me realize that I could never last on Survivor because I want ice in everything), a hot, relaxing bubble bath (complete with Mr. Bubble bubbles :-), and an episode of Criminal Minds (because Shemar Moore is yummy!).

I am thankful for comfy pillows that turned me "laying down to rest my eyes for a few minutes" at 8:00pm into "totally crashing and awakening in a puddle of my own drool 240 minutes later."

I am happy to have internet foster mama friends, a sister, a BFF, and a daughter who are total insomniacs (or just busy moms with no time for that sleep business) who I can always count on to chat with me in the middle of the night when we're all on FB.  (This will likely come in even more handy in the near future when I am up 2-3 times a night doing bottles.)

I am thankful that my "extra" check hit this month and I was able to buy a new camera!  We all know how I loooooove showing off my kiddos (even if it is just their feet or a tooth or two while they're in care), and my new camera has already turned me into a full-fledged paparazzo (as if I wasn't already).

I smile every time I step on a Lego (after muttering "almost" curse words and crying), find a puzzle piece in my shoe, get my nose picked by toddler fingers, have half of my lunch begged for and eaten by a certain hungry baby bird every day, and hear Monkey calling "Mamaaaaaa...  It good morniiiinnnngggg!!!" over the baby monitor.

I have so many big things to be thankful for, but never forget the little things!  It's those "little" things that build your life.  Mine is pretty awesome, and for that I am eternally thankful!  :-)


Kylee said...

Did I miss something about a new placement?! "Near future..."?

aka. Mimi said...

Just switched agencies! Met with the new one yesterday, and they are already hot on the trail of getting me a placement (even though I'm not officially licensed through them yet).

Apparently, they have a long history with DFPS as their Executive Director worked there for 15 years! CPU tends to call them directly before sending out broadcast emails, so they are crazy overrun with placements right now and just had to hire two more Case Managers (Nice Lady and the other Case Manager from my former agency :).

Seeing as how my OLD agency has only called me for one or two "potentials" since Monkey WENT HOME, I'm definitely excited about this change!

Kylee said...

Ohhh very exciting!! This girl has baby fever right know that if you get a placement, I'll be really jealous : )
Really though, hope that everything goes smoothly with this new agency. I'm excited that you're excited about it!!

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