Sunday, December 16, 2012

Getting into the Groove

It's been a whirlwind of a weekend, complete with Day One of me melting down and calling my Mommy because I had 45 minutes warning before Bug got here, and my house and my normally structured and organized life was in shambles.  I'd had an hour of sleep the night before because Monkey was all freaked out and INSISTED that I hold him ALL. NIGHT. LONG.  I was seriously questioning my sanity and wondering what I had agreed to by taking another itty bitty one.

The placement conversation went a little something like this:

Nice Lady - "Well, you didn't get the girls (a sibling group that she called me about earlier in the day).  They decided to go with someone in their own county."

Me - "Yeah, I kind of expected that.  That's okay."

Nice Lady - "But you did get a 2-month-old baby boy!"

Me - "Huh?"

Nice Lady - "Yeah...  (New Agency Director) didn't want me to tell you that he had submitted you because he didn't want to get your hopes up."

Me - "I got a baby boy?  Like...  They chose me?"

Nice Lady - "Yep.  They chose you!  He'll be there in 45 minutes!"

Yep...  I panicked.  :-)

Fortunately, thanks to my mom, Christy, Kelly, Heaven, and Kama, things are already getting to a new "normal," and (right now anyway) I'm no longer a total basket case.  :-)

Don't you LOVE baby feet?!?
We figured out that Bug has a sensitive tummy, changed to the "sensitive" formula, hit the good ol' gas drops, and he's been golden ever since!  Slept in his new room all night other than the four times he wanted to be fed (I swear, I have no idea how this kid can be so small the way he eats!).  And he's currently sound asleep in his room again.

I SOOO wish I could share photos from today.  Heaven, Kama, Kelly, Booger, and Banana came over to meet Bug, and spoiled him absolutely rotten.  Bug and Heaven fell in love at first sight, and I'm fairly certain I will never have to wonder if I can get a babysitter ever again.  :-)  I love that I now have a picture of my first foster son with my current foster son, and that next Saturday I'll have pictures of all three of my little guys together when Monkey comes back to celebrate our crazy mixed up family Christmas.  (Monkey's daddy just took three weeks of vacation, and I'm already missing him like crazy.  But, his daddy being as sweet as he is, realized how much we would miss each other, and is letting me have him both weekends in between now and when he goes back to work after the New Year.  Boy are they going to be shocked when they see Bug!)

We went to my sister's house after the kids left so all of my nieces and nephews could meet Bug.  Ka-Diva didn't leave our side for three hours, and Butterfly was in awe of the live baby.  Buddy was his typical awesome foster cousin self, but Pooper was more excited about the flash on my camera than anything.  Guess that particular 20-month-old isn't so impressed with babies.  :-)

God's timing is pretty perfect, I think...  I got the call that Bug was coming the day after Monkey's daddy went on vacation so we'll have three weeks to get into a good routine before Monkey comes back on our regular schedule.  I'm praying that Monkey isn't too jealous and that I can handle the chaos of getting us all cuddled and in bed at night and presentable and loved on in the mornings by myself.  As of right this second, I think it will be fine.  Although it's quite possible I am delirious from lack of sleep.  It's all good though!  I've got a new little Bug to love!  :-)


CandCFamily said...

So exciting!

Stacey Varner said...

I'm so excited you have another placement. Are there things you still need?

Starfish Mamas said...

Bless him! We've just started out and are waiting for our first placement. We're both secretly hoping for a baby for Christmas...

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